About Us

iLearning Canada was officially launched in January 2016 with a goal to provide awesome programs and experiences to the community. We started with just offering a few after-school educational programs to community schools and recreation centers. Now we over 25 different programs and services to offer and we cater to everyone! 

Our programs are designed around a hands-on approach – a valuable skill in today’s world. We want to encourage problem solving by using imagination and logic, working either independently or as a team. 

Our Mission

We are always striving for change – not just for the sake of changing, but to become better as a company and as individuals. Our promise is to continuously strive to provide the best programs and services to the community. Our aim is to not only improve ourselves, but also to improve the world around us. 

Our Team

Leonard Naimi | naimi@ilearningcanada.ca

Co-owner, Host and Creator of 'The Race', Program Coordinator, and Escape Room Project Manager

Naim Naimi | nn@ilearningcanada.ca

Co-owner and Program Coordinator

Jaydin Lees

Assistant Project Manager of 'The Race' and Instructor

Thomas Philip

IT Assistant and Instructor