A Little Bit About Us...

iLearning Canada was launched in January 2016 with the goal to encourage problem solving in children and youth. We provide a wide array of fun and instructive after-school programs, workshops, and camps for children and youth. Our programs are designed to incorporate open discussions, hands-on building, teamwork, logic and more! 

We are currently partnered with over 25 different cities and schools in British Columbia, Canada. 

Our Promise

To create the ultimate universe for kids – We will continuously strive to provide the best programs, workshops, and camps to children and youth. Our aim is to not only improve ourselves, but also to improve the world around us. 


Leonard Naimi | naimi@ilearningcanada.ca

Co-owner, Host and Creator of 'The Race', Program Coordinator, and Escape Room Project Manager

Naim Naimi | nn@ilearningcanada.ca

Co-owner and Program Coordinator

Jaydin Lees

Assistant Project Manager of 'The Race' and Instructor

Thomas Philip

IT Assistant and Instructor